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Chicago Drug Trafficking Attorney


Without a doubt, the penalties for trafficking illegal substances in Illinois are harsher than any other drug crime penalties in the state. The penalties for trafficking require an offender to be “sentenced to not less than twice the minimum term…and fined twice the amount as authorized by Section 401 of this [Illinois Controlled Substances] Act.” Drug trafficking can be classified anywhere between a Class 3 felony and a Class X felony in Illinois, and the term of imprisonment can range from a minimum of 4 years to a maximum of 120 years (or a life sentence), and a minimum fine of $75,000 to as much as $1,000,000.


If you are facing charges of drug trafficking, the first step you should take is to hire a Chicago criminal defense attorney. With the counsel and representation of a skilled lawyer, you can fight your charges based on ignorance, duress, entrapment, insanity, or infancy if the charges are against your child who is under 13 years old. The lawyers with Okabe & Haushalter have the experience needed to defend you from a drug crime conviction, so call today to schedule a case evaluation appointment.


Okabe & Haushalter has defended countless clients from criminal charges of all kinds. If you are in need of experienced and aggressive criminal defense from a lawyer who will not stop fighting until the best possible results have been won, do not hesitate to contact our firm. Our team has achieved an impressive amount of case results over the years, causing many clients to praise us through testimonials. We will work tirelessly on your case to obtain the results you need, so call now to find out what we can do to handle your trafficking case.